domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

THE ARRIVAL OF THE INNOCENT - A reflection on the tragedy of Realengo

“Karine Lorraine Chagas de Oliveira;
Rafael Pereira da Silva;
Milena dos Santos Nascimento;
Mariana Rocha de Souza;
Larissa dos Santos Atanázio;
Bianca Rocha Tavares;
Luiza Paula da Silveira;
Laryssa Silva Martins;
Géssica Guedes Pereira;
Samira Pires Ribeiro;
Ana Carolina Pacheco da Silva.”
God! Following is a list of names of new residents from the sky.
Their passage was here very fast, just like birthdays, played recently in the street. This year they will have on children.
Girls do not have a party of 15.
The boys will not play more soccer in the street.
They will not have the experience of the first kiss.
They pay no entrance exam for the University.
Will no longer smile, will no longer cry ... Will no longer live.
The root was cut cruelly.
The plant can not turn tree.
The sacrum was desecrated.
They're gone! Some wept, others asked not to go, but who heard the cries of little children?
Found a loophole in sentinels. The doorman was mistaken, the angels were deceived.
The watchtower slept. Moloch then acted Herod and was resurrected.
On that day the Lord has seen the arrival of the innocent.
That day the earth saw the man turn and became a monster.
No hero can save them.
Pedro Henrique Curvelo
April 2011

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