terça-feira, 29 de março de 2011


Slow Down! Slowly!

One step at a time, breathe, feel, enjoy, enjoy and explore.
these imperatives are vitamins for the soul.
Learn from the author of the book of Proverbs says that the diligent achievement, we should not be hasty and not rush.
Learn from one who said we should look at the birds do not sow, reap not, but every day Heavenly Father holds. He said we must live the day called TODAY, because tomorrow does not belong to men.
Sing like Almir Sater: "I walk slowly because I had a hurry. "
The world has been shaken. Do not forget that you are a single machine and one that is on your side too.
We do not know when the silver cord is cut, but we know that we have TODAY.
Slow down! Even if it means less work.
Enjoy a night's sleep, good food, a talent, a stroke, a new activity at work, faith, friendship, family, love, nature, in short, everything that is called life.
Slow Down!
Pedro Henrique Curvelo
March 2011

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